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App24 Service and Application. Notes and General Conditions of the Service

General informations

App24 is a set consisting of a web platform, belonging to the website  www.app24pa.it and the mobile application App24, available for download from the Android and Apple application stores.

The ownership of the service and apps is owned by WhereApp Srl – Via Cesare Pavese 24 – 00144 Rome –  assistenza@whereapp.it  –

App24 complies with the legislation on the processing of personal data (Legislative Decree 196/2003 and EU Reg. 679/2016).

General provisions on the processing of personal data

Legislative Decree 196/2003 (hereinafter: “Law”) and EU Reg. 679/2016 govern the processing of personal data. By personal data we mean any information relating to a natural or legal person, organization or association (hereinafter: “the interested party”) that allows the univocal identification, whether direct or indirect, of the interested party.

The treatment of personal data means their: collection, registration, organization and conservation; processing, selection, extraction and comparison; modification, blocking, cancellation and destruction.

The aforementioned law provides for these treatments, in principle and with some specific exceptions, the consent of the interested party.

The figure of the guarantor is established by law, a collegial body responsible for the protection of subjects as regards the processing of personal data.

It is also envisaged that the interested party be provided with appropriate information relating to the contents of the Law with particular reference to their rights; this information has been specifically summarized in this information note.

Use of the service

App24 includes a website, and a mobile application, which contain spaces made available to users in which content (texts, links, geographical coordinates, geo-localized position, etc.) can be stored in a completely autonomous way and under their full and exclusive responsibility (it is forbidden in any case to enter or publish news or information relating to minors, it is also forbidden to enter or publish news or information of third parties).

The use of the service is allowed assuming one of the possible roles described below.


The role of the company, or organization, in App24 is to send information classified and regulated in a format that includes:

  1. The characterization of the message through the assignment of a specific CATEGORY, chosen exclusively from those available.
  2. The definition of a TERRITORY of relevance, that is the GEOGRAPHICAL delimitation on which this message will interest the recipients (see next chapter: USERS)

The sending company or body can send messages only after its formal authentication and the signing of a service contract, the latter also indicates on which territorial areas the company will be enabled to send messages.

The company, in the person of the manager who signs the service contract with App24, undertakes to read, accept, and finally fully comply with what is reported in this document.


Users can, only by downloading and installing the application on their smartphone, receive messages relevant to one or more PLACES OF INTEREST freely defined by them.

When these places are located INSIDE a geographical area enabled for one or more companies or organizations, the user will be able to receive the information and news sent on that area.

The user can enable the possibility of being reached by messages also based on his position (detected by the GPS device on his smartphone), regardless of the list of his defined places of interest.

The user can decide to apply a filter to the receivable information, selectively enabling the possible categories of messages.

PLEASE NOTE: Some categories of messages, having as common denominator IMPORTANCE, URGENCY, and in general the primary public interest, ARE NOT DISABLED. This group includes, by way of example but not limited to, information on public order, civil protection, or health, sent by local authorities in charge and enabled on the App24 service.

Service management by App24

The App24PA service management service reserves the right to implement any type of action, method, or technical procedure, for:

  1. Identify with certainty the senders of messages, both in the case of companies and private users of the service.
  2. Record any complaints from recipients and intervene on senders to block the sending of non-compliant messages.
  3. Permanently disable those accounts that are responsible for violations of the rules identified in this document.

The App24 service can also:

  1. Record access and use of the website in special logs.
  2. Record the activation and use of the mobile app by all users.

Finally, the App24 service:

  1. It does not communicate to the senders, of any type, data or identity of the recipients.
  2. It lets senders know how many (but not which) users have received the message and how many (but not which ones) have opened it.
  3. It has no history of the geographical position of the users, but keeps the current one (ONLY IF REQUESTED BY THE USER) for the sole purpose of sending the messages of the subscribed categories.
  4. It does not communicate any data about its users to third parties.

The pages of www.app24pa.it do not use cookies.

Notes on data security

The information entered by users and companies is stored in a database protected by specific security measures to prevent data loss, illicit or incorrect use and unauthorized access. This information will not be disclosed to third parties, except when requested by the competent authorities according to the terms of the law.

App24 cannot be held responsible for attacks by cyber pirates and exceptional events that may compromise the data stored in the App24 database.

By registering, the user or company accepts that the App24 Administrator can send urgent communications, notices for the use of App24 and changes to this document to the email address entered at the time of registration.

Read the Complete Information at the following link  https://app24pa.it/index.php/privacy_policy/